I visited Kawasan Falls a week ago with my friends. The entrance fee was return to Php 10.00 from Php 50.00 which is good. There are still available places to stay overnight at Kawasan Falls like Willy's Place located at the 1st level of the falls so as with the 2nd level. Business is on going as usual at Kawasan Falls.


Kawasan Falls Now Open

Kawasan Falls is finally open to public. I don't know why they increases the entrance fee from Php 10.00   to Php 50.00,  I am used to the usual Php 10.00 entrance for many years.. I hope they will clean up their mess from the demolitions coz I read a lot of not so favorable responses from the readers.


The New Image of Kawasan Falls

Photo by: JustinBlake [Istorya.net Member] 
The latest image of  Kawasan Falls from JustinBlake, a member of Istorya.net. I've heard that Kawasan Falls is still officially closed to public. They were able to capture this image coz they traverses from OsmeƱa Peak going down to Kawasan Falls. If you go by the entrance you will surely not be allowed to go inside. Kawasan Falls will surely be more beautiful and fascinating after the renovation is done. I will keep you posted with the latest information. Let's be patient. Thank You!


Kawasan Falls Update 06/25/2012

I contacted a resort  near Kawasan Falls today [June 25, 2012] and inquired if Kawasan Falls is already open. They confirmed that Kawasan Falls still remained closed to public and they don’t  have any idea on when the place will be open again to public.  I think the major reconstruction of the place to restore the natural beauty of Kawasan Falls is still ongoing. Please be patient. I know you really love to visit the place. I will keep you posted. Thank You!


Kawasan Falls Updates:

To all visitors who plans to visit Kawasan Falls please be advice that we are not yet sure on when will Kawasan Falls will be open again to public. My blog and Visitbadian.com is not an official site for the municipality of Badian but I am trying to provide some useful information to the viewers. The town doesn’t have an official website yet where we can view updates directly from the local government offices.  Let’s just wait for the official notice from the local government. I will keep you posted.  Thank You!

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